The Improviser’s Way: A Longform Workbook

Katy Schutte

Hi All,
Katy Schutte, a great improviser from UK wrote a book!
From Today it is AVAILABLE on Amazon!
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„An inspiring and interactive workbook to help you develop skills for longform improvisation, by one of the UK’s top improv performers and teachers.

Structured as a twelve-week course, this book provides techniques, advice and exercises that can be done on your own or in groups – with activities to complete as you go – for learning faster and becoming (more) amazing at improvisation. It draws on the author’s own experience of performing and teaching improv around the world, with added gems of wisdom from key experts.”

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Gary Schwartz – Interview

Gary Schwartz – Discovering Presence through Play

It is always interesting to listen to the interview with Gary Schwartz​. (2015)
If you wonder how Viola Spolin​​ with her son Paul Sills started an improv
what was her approach of teaching and coaching spend time on listening it!

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Gary Schwartz – Discovering Presence through Play


Viola Spolin in the movie… (trailer)

Have you seen a movie „Alex in Wonderland”? Here is a trailer and at 2:18 you can see Viola Spolin who played in it.
Enjoy watching!
Oglądaliście film „Alex w krainie czarów”? W tym zwiastunie fragment sceny z Violą Spolin! (2:18)
Miłego oglądania!

Exercise: Transformation of Relationship

The Spolin Players do exercise Transformation of Relationship.
Even if the sound is of poor quality, one of Viola Spolin‚s exercises is worth seeing! Also pay attention to the great space work/object work, follow the follower idea and all the transformation and group mind.

Enjoy watching!

Carol Grey interviewed Valerie Harper

Listen to the interesting Interview!
Journalist Carol Grey interviewed Valerie Harper on her association with Viola Spolin and the influence Spolin’s work has had on her life and career. Circa 1994. Published by Gary Schwartz on YT.


Enjoy watching!

Viola Spolin – Mirror Speech exercise! 

Viola Spolin – Mirror Speech! 
Great Viola’s exercise to train Being in the moment and being with your partner!
This exercise can lead into the Folow the Folower idea. In this case not physical but verbal.
Watching this clip you can attend Viola’s class for a few minutes. 🙂

Enjoy watching!

In the clip: Gary Schwartz.